solid brass man's buckles

Solid Brass Man’s Buckles

Solid Brass Man’s Buckles make Guimer one of the most important Italian supplier for leather craftsmen in Italy and foreign countries. The Solid Brass Man’s Buckles are considered among the most extraordinary and current lines in Fashion Accessories.

Every year Guimer presents a new collection of the Solid Brass Man’s Buckles.
For this year Guimer presented the new Solid Brass Reversible Buckles:

What Buckle are you looking for?

Guimer Srl has a wide range of Men and Women Belt Buckles, whose images could be sent after a specific size request.


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Are you interested in men’s Solid Brass Buckles? Do you want to customize your man’s Solid Brass Buckle with the logo/name of your company? Write us and we will be glad to give you all the information.

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