Free Collection allergy-free buckles

If you need hypoallergenic buckles, the free collection is our 100% Nickel free collection.

Hypo-allergenic buckles for belts of different sizes, colours and styles.

Buckles, as we know, characterize the belt and embellish it, so it is important to be able to choose the buckle that most reflects the needs of the collections for which it is intended.

Guimer’s new  Free Collection of buckles has been designed to meet the needs of clients’ who require hypoallergenic buckles, so leather workers, artisans, stylists and designers looking for nickel-free buckles can find buckles suitable for this requirement in our sampling.

This line of nickel-free hypo-allergenic buckles comply with the European REACH regulations on products which are at prolonged direct contact with the epidermis.

We therefore remind you that all hypo-allergenic buckles are made from nickel and lead-free materials and comply with the European REACH regulations.

What are the specific features of hypo-allergenic buckles?

  • They are nickel- and lead-free and comply with the European regulation on the production of REACH materials and chemicals.
  • They are resistant to wear, thanks to the painting performed in the furnace at 160°.
  • They are convenient: the optimized processing phases allow considerable savings in production costs.

As manufacturers of buckles and fashion accessories, we know how important a buckle is in the formation of the belt, because it defines its line and often also its style: casual, classic, elegant or sporty.

Guimer’s Free collection buckles are finished in “nickel”, “satin-nickel” and “burnished nickel” colours, all with anti-corrosion painting.
From the design phase to the varied and particular processing phases, Guimer’s nickel- and lead-free buckles are the result of a quality handmade product.

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