Customised fashion accessories in brass, silver and stainless steel

What’s behind the customized buckles?

Behind each buckle, each heel and each fashion accessory hides a thought. There is a pencil that designed the first trait turning a simple idea into something concrete.
Guimer srl offers its forty-year experience in the production of buckles, heels and fashion accessories to the customers providing a complete service of customization of products.

What do we mean with customization?

The customization of components and fashion accessories for a brand is a fundamental starting point to define their identity and try to emerge and to stand out in the increasingly vast and globalized world of fashion.

For this reason, Guimer Srl relies heavily on customized buckles, heels or fashion accessories having over the years experimented with new processing techniques by combining them with the materials that the market offered.

What does Guimer do for your customized buckles?

Careful market research combined with the experience of our employees has given rise to what is now our design office.

Our designers not only deal with work on the customer’s drawing, but also are ready to realize your ideas by transforming them into 2D and 3D versions.

There are no limits of shape and size; if you have your own project, this can be realized.
Step by step the customer will be followed from the design to the realization of the prototype into a product.

For the production of customized buckles, we use brass and sterling silver, with different types of processing.  Pantograph, lost wax casting (with the goldsmith method) or hot stamping.

The experience has proved us right; that’s why, we have been able to produce products of the highest quality, satisfying even the most demanding customers.

Customized buckles: the continuous search for new green materials

We work in team; from the designer to the welder because the communication line is direct.
The attention to detail is fundamental for us like the continuous search for new techniques. We want be the support to companies in the implementation of their projects.

The continuous research of quality materials are the basis of the results of an excellence that allow us to be present on the Italian , European and non-European market.
Now we have also been treating a nickel-free galvanic, hypoallergenic and in compliance with the European REACH regulation.

The concept behind this choice is in the shared value and attention of planet’s health.

We are committed to working with lead-free brass to improve the impact that production will have on the environment in the long time.

3D Reticube® technology

Guimer srl also uses the 3D Reticube® Technology.

Designed and patented by the company, reticube Technology allows to create objects with infinite undercuts or with empty cages, light and very resistant.
With Reticube® Technology, it is also possible to realize exclusive projects of steel heels.

The finishing phases are all carried out by hand: from the hand grinding and cleaning of individual pieces, to the galvanizing process in different colors.
Guimer can boast the realization of products 100% Made in Italy.

All the production phases are completed in Italy in our headquarters placed in Bologna.

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