Customizable buckles

We deal with customized buckles with customer Logo. 

From design to manufacture, every step of the creation of your buckle will be followed by the different teams in our company. 

Do you have a design? A design for your brand?

The careful study of your design or the creation of a graphic draft according to your needs is the first step to take in the creation of your buckle.

The Market demands more and more customization from us.

The fashion world is increasingly oriented toward personalization: standing out with accessories that identify the brand to this day is essential to stand out.

What does Guimer do for your custom buckles? 

We can make your designs by transforming them into 2D and 3D versions. 

From graphic design to prototyping the sample you will be able to follow the working steps and be involved in production. 

Why is this customer involvement important to us? It is important to make the realization of your project unique. 

Whether it is a belt buckle, a purse buckle, a shoe buckle, or for any other garment its uniqueness is crucial. 

There are no limits: if you have a design we can make it. 

What materials do we use? 

To make your buckle, we use 925 brass and silver, and the production is strictly Made In Italy.

Our production methods we use only:

  • pantograph
  • lost wax ( goldsmith method) 
  • hot stamping

In all these years of processing, with our experience gained in the field we have been able to refine our processing techniques more and more to produce custom buckles. 

Custom buckle production, a team effort with an ever watchful eye on the environment.

We work as a team to produce your custom buckles: from design to electroplating through strict quality control.

The continuous search for quality materials are the basis of the excellent results that allow us to be present in the Italian, European and non-European markets. For the past few years we have also been dealing with Nickel-free, hypoallergenic and REACH European regulation compliant electroplating.

The concept behind this choice is in shared value and care and concern for the planet.

We are committed by choosing to also process lead-free brass to improve the impact that production will have on the environment in the long run.

Reticube 3D Technology: the real challenge

Guimer S.r.l. also uses Reticube 3D Tehnology, a production process designed and patented by us that allows us to make objects with infinite undercuts.

The finishing stages are all carried out using artisanal methods: from the hand grinding and cleaning of individual pieces to the galvanizing process in different colors.
Guimer can boast of making products that are 100% Made in Italy.

All design and production phases are completed in Italy at the Bologna facility.

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