Customizable buckles

The customizable buckles with all the letters of the alphabet to compose your initials are the protagonists of the new collection of Guimer.

How to assemble the customizable buckles

The letters can be added with a simple click, the assembly is very easy and you do not need any screwdrivers or tools of any kind, just stick the strong magnets that compose them.

The buckles are interchangeable and can therefore be easily detached and attached to the belt rod. With a single gesture, the buckles should be inserted without being sewn allowing you to use the double-sided belt at will.


The buckles are finished in satin-finished steel and the letters in polished steel.

The result is a gentle contrast of textures and tone-on-tone shades.

Be fashionable and always stand out.

Our buckles are designed for those who want to stand out and create a unique product.

A buckle with initials combined with an elegant or casual shaft can make a difference on the fashion market with originality and uniqueness.

The new collection of customizable buckles by Guimer is designed and produced entirely in Italy, in its factory in Bologna.

All models of the collection are deposited.

Each buckle is equipped with a kit of letters to offer its customers the opportunity to offer different combinations of letters.

Ask for more information at our sales office to find out more.

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