Customized Buckles with initials

Absolute novelty of this season: the Customized Buckles with initials

We have already launched, during the last Leather Line, the collection of buckles personalized with magnetic letters.

This new collection, which includes many models with a unique design and a brand new and very fast technique for the application of letters, will make the belt a fashion accessory of the highest level.

How to mount the Customized Buckles with initials

Buckles that can be customized with initials are very easy to assemble. We invite you to watch the video presentation of the new buckles to know how easy to mount them.

The letters are equipped with 3M double-sided adhesive tape: in a few seconds by removing the film, just apply the buckle in the special buckle and you’re done.

The customization in fashion accessories today is a plus that determines the purchase of one product compared to another. Having a buckle personalized with your initials helps to change the very perception you have of a belt, for example, in the eyes of the final consumer.

The material and the galvanic

The buckles can be customized with letters and can be made in any kind of galvanized steel while the letters are available in polished steel and on request in gold.

The result, whatever you choose, is elegant and unique.

What the market says about Customized Buckles with initials

To win over the new consumer today, we need to change direction: this is what the data and purchase preferences say.

More than 50% of consumers are interested in purchasing customized or easily customizable products

1 in 5 people would be willing to pay 20% more for a custom product and it is estimated that the market value of custom products in 2021 will reach 31 billion, an increase of 55% compared to 2018.

4 out of 10 people – with a slight prevalence in the male audience (40%) over the female audience (37%) – in the last year have bought customized or custom-made clothing and accessories.

Be fashionable and always stand out.

Our buckles customizable with letters are designed for those who want a product that conveys uniqueness to those who buy it.

A customizable buckle combined with an elegant or casual auction can make the difference in the fashion market with originality and uniqueness.

The Made in Italy: the guarantee of a quality product

The new collection of Customized Buckles with initials by Guimer is designed and produced entirely in Italy, inside its own factory in Bologna.

All the models of the collection are deposited and recognized as a work of genius.

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