The design and manufacture of shoe heels is one of the most interesting challenges we have faced every day for years.

We design and manufacture shoe heels with a unique design through Reticube® 3D Laser Technology, a patented processing that allows us to create any three-dimensional shape and to select according to the prototype the most suitable material to create a high quality product.

Fundamental in this phase is the design study which follows the entire production chain step by step; from the idea to design, from prototyping to production.

The heel is the protagonist of shoes and this component can make all the difference. That is why studying the shape and size of it can have a huge impact on the success of a model.

In the world of heels there are different types of products, all important and particular, but they differ in some structural variants and consequently design variants.

  • Sculpture heels
  • Stiletto heels
  • Caged heels
  • Super light heels
  • Custom heels

What do we do if you want customised heels?

When a designer, a developer, a stylist or the style office of a brand presents us with a drawing, a sketch or tells us about an idea, our technical office creates the 3D project, then prints out a prototype that has the same characteristics as the final project.

During the design phase, the choice of the material can also be determining for the creation of an accessory that meets high quality standards.

Being always at the forefront and meeting the new requests that the fashion market generates day after day means never lose track of the goal, of satisfying our clients.

Having the entire production chain

 at our plants in Bologna allows us to maintain very high standards in order to guarantee a quality control that starts from the idea and ends with production.

3D design and choice of materials

Reticube® Technology is used to obtain brass and steel heels with infinite undercuts and with empty, light and very resistant cages.
This technology is also used to avoid the heavy costs of having to create moulds in the various sizes.

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By filling in the form, our sales office will contact you to analyze your, following you step by step during all the phases of rapid heel prototyping thanks to the 3D printer until product realisation.

One of our strengths that we have always insisted on is the 100% Made in Italy quality guarantee. Conception, design, prototyping and production all take place at our headquarters in Bologna.

Guimer can boast of having manufactured heels that have walked down the most famous fashion catwalks.

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