Men’s Brass buckles

Guimer offers a wide collection of Men’s brass buckles designed and produced over the last 40 years of activity with models for all our customer’s needs: from classic to sporty, from casual to trendy, always in line with the latest fashion trends.

All men’s buckles are in solid hot printed brass and finished with a pantograph, sanded and polished by hand, with particular attention to the quality that distinguishes all Guimer products, strictly 100% Made in Italy.

The images of the models of men’s brass buckles will be sent on the customer’s specific request, indicating the size, the height or the pitch of the buckle that can range from 10 to 65 millimetres.

Guimer produces its men’s brass buckles only in Italy at its factory in Bologna.

Request the catalogue

Contact us for further information on the men’s brass buckles catalogue or to customise your buckle with the name or the logo of your company, as well as to create a completely customised buckle according to your drawings.

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