Men’s Brass buckles

Our men’s buckles are fundamental for the creation of classic, casual and elegant belts.
There are various types of buckles that determine the style we seek to transmit to our clients.
It is important to note that men’s buckles have completely different designs and the style that distinguishes them is a fundamental component to identify the right model to associate with a specific collection.
Our set of samples is wide and boasts over 100 buckles designed over the last forty years.

Different models, for a variety of styles:

  • Classic
  • Sporty
  • Casual
  • Elegant
  • Trendy

We could say that brass buckles are characterized by their particular shape and finish.

Consult our colour folder to see all the galvanic baths at your disposal.

Our buckles come in a variety of shapes.

Man’s Brass Buckles for you

All our men’s buckles are chosen by artisans, leather workers or stylists for their adaptability to different styles.

All the men’s buckles are in hot-printed solid brass and pantograph finished,¬†ground and polished by hand, with a particular focus on the quality that distinguishes all Guimer products, strictly Made in Italy.

Considering the wide collection available in the set of samples, the images of the models of men’s brass buckles will be sent at the client’s request, indicating the size and the height or the pitch of the buckle that can vary from 10 to 65 millimetres.

Our design and production takes place entirely at the factory of Bologna.
The quality control that completes the production chain is always active to guarantee our clients the highest yield and high quality standards.

What type of men’s buckle are you looking for ?
Fill in the form to request further information about men’s brass buckles. Our sales office will send you images of the models according to your specific requirements.

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