Belt buckles and fashion accessories since 1972

Guimer has been manufacturing customizable buckles and fashion accessories in brass, silver and stainless steel for over 30 years. Guimer creates buckles and accessories customized to customer design with the patented Reticube® technology.

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Allergy Free Buckles - Free Collection by Guimer
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For thirty years Guimer Srl has been a leading company in the fashion accessory sector that has always focused on the quality and creativity of its products, with constant attention to innovation. Dynamic and curious, Guimer Srl has always offered customers continuous innovations.
Guimer produces brass, silver and stainless steel buckles for belts, heels and other fashion accessories with the ability to create objects on design, fully customised and with rapid prototyping using 3D printers.

“Risk is an essential element of art. If you do not risk how can you create something really beautiful that has never been seen before?”.
(Gianluca Bagnara, Founder).

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18 August 2020|

Once again the undisputed protagonist of fashion accessories. Brands are increasingly aware of the need to create products able to satisfy increasingly demanding customers, looking for exclusive and unique products. Not only fashion accessories: a [...]

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