Belt buckles and fashion accessories since 1972

For over 40 years we have been producing buckles and fashion accessories in brass, silver and stainless steel.
Guimer Srl specializes in the creation of custom buckles and accessories. The added value of your business starts from a drawing, an idea or a design.
Your brand is not only a global fashion brand, but a way of being and existing.
Assert your brand identity: our company customizes your buckles and accessories to assert with even more determination who you are,
how you work and what you love.

What is our added value? The design and creation of 3D fashion buckles and accessories through Reticube® Technology,
a special type of processing based on Laser sintering.

Your added value is ours: a production of high quality customized accessories.

Use our Made in Italy production.

Our collection


Our processes

Our items are designed for leather workers, artisans, stylists, designers and fashion brands.

Processing is important for determining the quality of a product; we believe that the right choice of processing is significant for the creation of the buckle.

Pantograph, 3D Laser Technology, lost wax and hot-pressing are just some of the working methods we use for the production of fashion accessories.
Our workshop produces customized buckles that are able to define in every detail the style of the requesting brand.
We deal with the design, manufacture and production of exclusive buckles in brass, 925 silver or steel.

With a look always to the future, we are increasingly committed to a Green-oriented production carefully choosing the materials, recycling and always finding new methods to significantly reduce waste.

Many years of experience have helped us to work on details, on the techniques to create in every detail the accessories of our customers.
Our style office designs, models, manufactures and studies the best solution for the creation of customized buckles.

Every single accessory is checked in detail by our designers both in the prototyping phase as well as before and after the galvanic process.

Quality control is the fundamental part of our production process aimed at maintaining high quality standards.

“An essential element of art is risk. How can you create something authentically beautiful that has never been seen before, if you don’t risk?”.
(Gianluca Bagnara, founding partner of Guimer Srl)

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