Components in Silver 925

The Distinction of Custom Fashion Accessories in Silver

Guimer stands out for creating 925 silver components.
Our range represents the perfect fusion between the high quality of silver accessories
and exclusivity of custom design and includes:

  • charms
  • jewelry closures
  • customizable key ring

Wide Selection for Every Need of Style

Whether you are a craftsman, a leather worker or a goldsmith, in our 925 silver components
you will find the final touch to complete your creations. From small engraved cubes to luminous spheres,
each accessory is designed to suit different tastes and styles, making our catalog
an endless source of inspiration for luxury accessories Made in Italy.

Innovation and customization of Italian design in 925 silver

With over 50 years of experience, Guimer specializes in customization
of fashion accessories as well as buckles, offering the possibility
to create 925 silver keychain completely customized.
Present your project to our designers and, thanks to the rapid prototyping 3D Reticube®,
patented by us, you can see your project take shape before the final production


Exclusivity of 925 Silver Design

Every component made by Guimer is the result of meticulous attention
to detail and quality.
With us, accessories for bracelets and charms become expressions of a discreet and refined luxury.

100% Made in Italy: Quality and Style Guarantee

From design to processing, each phase takes place in our headquarters in Bologna,
ensuring that each accessory is a true representative of high quality.
Browse our catalog to discover models, styles and customization possibilities that only our company can offer you.

Our Collection

Brass Buckles Basic Collection
brass buckles for man
Buckles for women
buckles 3D Reticube®
3D buttons
Customizable keychain
925 Silver Components
3D Heels

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