3D Buckles with Reticube® Technology

Guimer uses Reticube® Technology to manufacture 3D buckles which are different from all the others.

We are the pioneers of industrial 3D printing, starting with small fashion accessories with buttons.
At present we draw upon the knowledge of each of our areas of expertise and know-how of our designers and technicians.

Reticube Laser Technology is a type of processing designed by Guimer Srl that is able to create very resistant three-dimensional buckles in any type of shape: with undercuts, in empty cages, etc.

Reticube® Technology is used to create a new type of 3D buckle even on a large scale in metals such as brass, sterling silver, without using moulds.

3D printing has established itself in many sectors as a development accelerator and facilitator but customization has not yet become large-scale.

Considering that for over forty years we have believed that customization is the starting point for the development of a brand; 3D buckles are also part of the customization process.

Guimer also manufactures customized buckles:

  • Buckles modified with respect to those in the catalogue (logo, company name, etc.).
  • Completely customized buckles according to the drawings provided by the client.
  • For the creation of buckles on drawing, our designers provide support to the client at all stages of production, from the design to the creation of the finished product.

The clients who require a customized buckle, thanks to rapid prototyping, can view and see with their own eyes the prototype of the buckle made with 3D printers, before final production.


The creation of customised projects is a plus, that 3D laser technology embodies as highly innovative and with a potential that is constantly growing.
Today we have superior experience and knowledge of laser processing and are constantly focused on future evolution in the fashion industry.

All our products are Made in Italy and with a unique design. They are conceived, designed and drawn by hand.

Our designers, strong in the production and quality of the material used, are the only interlocutors for leather workers, artisans, designers, stylists and brands, able to pay attention to needs and to understand desires and tastes to create unique and customized fashion accessories.

Made in Italy design buckles
Guimer Srl manufactures 100% Made in Italy buckles. All the phases of processing, from design to creation, are carried out in Italy at the Bologna headquarters.

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Contact us for further information on 3D buckles with Reticube® technology if you would like to customise your 3D buckle with the logo of your company or to manufacture your buckle prototype according to your requirements.

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