3D Buckles

Discover the Buckle Revolution in 3D

Thanks to our patented technology Reticube, based on metal sintering, we are able to create extremely durable three-dimensional buckles,
in a variety of unique and complex shapes, such as undercuts or empty cage structures, material such as:

  • Solid Brass
  • 925 Sterling Silver

This revolutionary process allows us to overcome the traditional limits of production, offering a new type of buckle with these designs without the need for molds, even on a large scale.


Precious Materials for Exceptional Creations

The buckles made with the Reticube® Technology are available in:

  • Solid Brass;
  • 925 Sterling Silver.

Thus, we guarantee not only a futuristic aesthetic but also a high durability and strength.

100% Made in Italy:
Quality and Artisan Craftsmanship

Proudly 100% Made in Italy, every buckles is designed, developed and manufactured in-house.

Thus, we can ensure impeccable quality control, as well as a durable product and futuristic design.


Unprecedented Adaptability and Customization

Thanks to the flexibility of the Reticube!. technology, we can offer unprecedented customization options.

If you want a buckle with a specific design, your company logo or a custom name, we can make it with precision and attention to detail, to express your identity or that of your brand.

Explore Our 3D Buckle Collection

We invite you to discover our exclusive collection and be inspired by the beauty and originality of our designs.
Each buckle is a testament to our passion for innovation and our desire to offer products that combine style, functionality and superior quality.
Explore the endless possibilities that only Reticube® Technology can offer and turn your accessory into a symbol of modernity and refinement.

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Contact us for further information on 3D buckles with Reticube® technology if you would like to customise your 3D buckle with the logo of your company or to manufacture your buckle prototype according to your requirements.