Women’s buckles

Our collection of women’s buckles boasts numerous models which are original and different in shape, engraving, texture, design and enriched with precious stones.

  • Buckles with loops and belt ends
  •  Plate buckles
  •  Interchangeable buckles
  •  Buckles with clasp

each model represents a different style from the most classic to the most daring.

Every leather goods manufacturer, craftsman or designer thinks about their production and collection. Our company finishes the product with our buckles.

Consult our catalogue to view all our models and their prices.

Over the years, we have seen how the Casual Collection has conquered several countries all over Europe.

The processing of buckles is made of lost wax and each model has been designed to meet the various requests of the fashion market.
Making a belt unique is a delicate process that must be studied in every step. Our buckles give originality to the finished product.

Consult our catalogue and discover all our models.

Women’s buckles: our set of samples

Guimer as a wide set of samples of high-quality women’s buckle models that follow the latest fashion trends.
Women’s buckles by Guimer S.r.l are actual jewels and not simple accessories because they are entirely made with the best materials, boasting unique shapes and designs.

Consult our catalogue for more information on our models and on the different finishes. Find the ideal buckle to enhance the appearance of your belt collection.

The buckles are available in sizes 40 mm, 35 mm, 30 mm and 25 mm to fit the thickness and cut of any belt.

The Casual Collection is designed for all leather workers, artisans and brands looking for an available buckle from among our many models.

Guimer has a style office that provides a customisation service of women’s buckles in the catalogue and the creation of completely customised buckles involving the client throughout the production process, from design and project to creation.

It is possible to evaluate the product before its final production through rapid prototyping with 3D laser printers.

Women’s buckles contained in the Casual Collection by Guimer catalogue offers a wide collection ranging from minimalist design buckles to refined shapes enriched with natural stones and Swarovski crystals and with original and trendy colours.

Our production is entirely Made in Italy. The design and production process is entirely carried out at our warehouses in Bologna.

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