Our buckles for women

Discover Our Women’s Buckle Collection

Our collection of women’s buckles presents a wide selection of models from
25 mm to 70 mm, each marked by distinctive shapes, engravings, reliefs, textures and designs, and enriched, in many cases, by crystals.

This variety ensures that every woman can find the perfect buckle that expresses her own individual style, ranging from the classic look to the boldest.


Versatility of Styles for Every Taste

Each buckle offers a different interpretation of style, with models ranging from 25 mm to 70 mm:

  • with loops and tips
  • in plaque
  • interchangeable
  • with barb.

High Quality Crafts and Customization Options

We also offer the possibility of customization with an exclusive design, a logo or a name, turning each piece into a symbol of personal identity.


The Collection

Our catalogue explores a wide range of proposals for women, from minimalist designs to elaborate shapes.
This assortment ensures that every woman finds the ideal accessory to express their essence.

Dedication to Excellence and Sustainability

Proudly 100% Made in Italy, our production respects eco-compatible principles and is made entirely in our workshops.
This commitment not only ensures quality products but also reflects our dedication to sustainable practices, making each buckle a conscious purchase.

Our Collection

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Contact us for further information on the women’s buckles catalogue or to customise your buckle with the name or the logo of your company, as well as to create a completely customised buckle according to your drawings.