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In the world of Guimer fashion accessories, innovation
blends with Italian artisanal tradition to create unique products, ecological and design.
Our collection offers a wide selection of accessories
made internally with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Discover them all:


Our fashion accessories

3D Buttons

Our 3D buttons represent the frontier of customization in clothing.
Made through the patented Reticube ³ technology, based on rapid prototyping on 3D printers,
these buttons offer endless design possibilities, adapting perfectly to every stylistic and functional need.


Customazible Keychain

Our custom keychains are available both as finished product and as individual metal attachments,
allowing you to choose the level of customization you prefer.
Engrave your name, logo or Creiamolo from scratch on your design
so as to make each keychain unique and special.

Components in 925 Silver

Our selection of 925 silver components embraces a variety of elements, from magnetic closures, charms, accessories for bracelets, balls and silver key rings.
Each component can be combined with the corresponding leather accessory, offering elegant and versatile solutions.


3D Heels

Our heels, made in 3D through the Reticube ® Technology patented by us, introduce a new concept of customization in the world of footwear.
Available in different materials and shapes, they allow you to explore new frontiers of design, always ensuring the highest quality and originality.

Commitment to Quality and Environment

Proud of our 100% Made in Italy brand, we are committed to offering ecological and design products, made with passion and craftsmanship. Discover our range of fashion accessories and be inspired by the beauty and innovation of our products, all created internally in our company.

Our fashion accessories

Brass Buckles Basic Collection
brass buckles for man
Buckles for women
buckles 3D Reticube®
3D buttons
Customizable keychain
925 Silver Components
3D Heels

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