3D Buttons

The 3D buttons we produce, start from a principle: artisans, designers and stylists must know that they have in their hands an absolutely unique and innovative accessory.

Our production of buttons is highly artisanal, a unique idea that combines with a fashion project which is always different.

Creativity and attention to detail are the basis of our projects; even if a button is small, it is a fundamental component of an item of clothing or of an accessory.

The 3D buttons created by Guimer are unique, thanks to Reticube Technology®, an innovative design and production technology, patented by the company, with which it is possible to create any type of object on three-dimensional design, with rapid prototyping on 3D printers.

Reticube® technology is used to produce buttons on drawings in brass, sterling silver and stainless steel without mould costs and on a large-scale. Our designers are available to follow the clients who can submit ideas, drawings and projects of what they would like to create.

These metals offer maximum levels of malleability and ductility, thus allowing the creation of customized and high quality fashion products according to the requests of each client.

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