3D Buttons

Innovation and Uniqueness in Haute Couture

Discover Guimer’s revolutionary 3D button collection,
where innovation meets luxury craftsmanship to create
unique three-dimensional accessories. Our buttons are not simple details,
but real jewel buttons that enrich every creation
with a touch of exclusive design.


Reticube® Technology at the service of your creativity

Thanks to our patented Reticube® Technology
we offer customizable design solutions that go beyond the boundaries of tradition, allowing the creation of buttons on a design in brass, 925 silver and stainless steel.
This innovative technology eliminates the burden of mold and allows large-scale production, maintaining a high level of quality.

Precious materials, 3D creations

We use metals with maximum levels of processing, ensuring the creation of customized fashion products
that respond to the most demanding requests.
You can make buttons on design in:

  • brass
  • silver 925

The attention to creativity and attention to detail is what makes our 3D buttons fundamental pieces of every garment or accessory.


Luxury Crafts for 3D Collections

Each button is the result of a futuristic process, designed to meet the needs of designers and designers
in search of exclusive collections. Our production embraces the idea of a unique product, proposing projects
always different and ensuring an absolutely innovative accessory.

Made in Italy: Synonymous with Excellence

The Made in Italy brand is a guarantee of excellence and quality. Our designers are ready to follow every customer in the realization of customized projects,
transforming every idea into reality.

To find out more about how our 3D buttons can enrich your haute couture creations with a customizable design and exclusive details, ask for more information by filling out the form below. Choose Guimer to add a touch of luxury and innovation to your exclusive collections.

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