Sterling Silver Buckles

Our Sterling Silver 925 ‰ Buckles are the flagship of Guimer’s collection. We invite leather workers, artisans, designers and stylists to browse through our catalogue containing our buckles to better familiarize themselves with their style and design.

We paid particular attention to the highly sophisticated processing method used for the production of our sample silver buckles.

The production of silver buckles: the lost wax goldsmith method

We produce our buckles using the lost wax goldsmith method in order to guarantee high quality standards. This is the oldest method in the world that has always guaranteed precision, robustness and very high quality standards.

Guimer silver buckles: how lost wax casting works

The lost wax casting method, as we have previously mentioned, is used in the production of our sterling silver 925 ‰ buckles.
To better understand how we work and how our buckles are made, it is necessary to illustrate a number of fundamental steps.

  • we produce the buckle prototype with wax (mould) to which entry and output channels will be added
  • we cast the gypsum inside the mould
  • the mould is placed in the furnace at a temperature of 200° so that when the wax melts, it comes out of the channels leaving the mould free.
  • the lost wax leaves space for the molten sterling silver.
  • once the silver is solidified, the mould is broken and the buckle continues its finishing process.

All our sterling silver 925 ‰ buckles have the certified warranty mark.

The value of these buckles is not only due to the choice of the precious material, but also to a production process that draws on minds able to skillfully interpret the client’s needs and the current trends, not to mention the craftsmanship that characterizes each Silver Buckle.

Practical and unique precious accessories for every item of clothing.

On the models contained in the sampling, it is possible to engrave the client’s logo, one of many possibilities; our technical office can create a customized Sterling Silver buckle starting from an idea, a file or a drawing.

Remember that the sterling silver 925 ‰ buckles are also specific for artisans, designers or stylists seeking to produce hypo-allergenic belts.

The entire design and production of silver buckles is carried out at our company in Bologna, strictly Made in Italy.

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