Stainless steel buckles made in Italy

Our Collection of Stainless Steel Buckles is part of the Green section of our production.

We have always been committed to the growth and research of materials that could be sustainable for the environment; the creation of stainless steel buckles is the answer to our studies.

Ten models with an elegant design adaptable to many different styles.

Why is steel an eco-sustainable material?

Steel is apparently a heavy and complicated material to dispose of but in reality this is not actually the case, because it is included in the list of green materials. The eco-sustainability of this product can also be seen from the production phases, but the final phase is even greener than the other phases such as disposal: steel is completely recyclable.

Stainless steel buckles are also subject to customization. Whether you choose a specific model or on request through a drawing or file, you can create a customized buckle.

Let’s discover the characteristics of our stainless steel buckles.

  • Hypo-allergenic: they do not release nickel and do not cause reactions on the skin.
  • Eco-sustainable: they do not release particles that are harmful for the environment and the material is 100% recyclable.
  • Resistant and scratch-resistant: the material offers high resistance against scratches and deformations.
  • Durable: stainless steel retains its shine over time by developing a transparent film that forms a barrier of protection against external factors that can cause oxidation. Stainless steel buckles do not oxidize in contact with water, domestic products, seawater, cosmetics, sweat, etc.

The 316 stainless steel used by Guimer is a type of low-carbon steel that is particularly resistant to corrosion.

Guimer’s collection of stainless steel buckles is designed and produced at our warehouses in Bologna.
With its 100% Made in Italy, the sampling consists of several models with a height of 35 mm and 40 mm, all offered with an in stock service, without a minimum order quantity.

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