Customized Keychain

Enrich Your Line with Unique Keychains

In the evolving fashion landscape, Guimer emerges for its ability
to provide innovative and customized accessories, meeting the expectations of customers
looking for exclusive and valuable items.
We can offer 2 different types of products:

  • metal components for key rings
  • full key ring with leather element

Options for Unlimited Customization

Even if you want the keychain attachment to match with exclusive materials
or a complete keychain enriched with leather elements, with Guimer you can make it.
Customize your keychain with name, logo or specific design,
transforming it into an accessory representative of your brand.
Our technical team is ready to assist you, from the conception of the idea
to the realization of the design, ensuring a final product
that reflects your own image

From Concept to Prototype: 50 years of experience

Before the production launch, our advanced 3D Reticube® Technology for prototyping patented by us will allow you to view and evaluate a prototype of your project, making sure that every detail meets your expectations.
This process not only highlights our commitment to creating custom products but also underlines our promise of 100% Made in Italy quality.


Commitment to Quality and Innovation

With Guimer, choose a partner that values Italian craftsmanship, innovation and attention to detail. Our personalized keychains are the ideal solution for those looking to stand out in the fashion market, offering an exclusive product that enhances the personality and value of your brand.

Discover how our personalized keychains can enrich your collection and represent your brand in the most elegant and distinctive way.

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