3D Heels

Heels with an Innovative Design

At Guimer, the creation of heels with cutting-edge design combines creativity and technological innovation. With our 3D Reticube® Technology, we manufacture heels with three-dimensional shapes. We select the most suitable materials to guarantee high quality products. Customized heel design is a creative journey that follows every step of the production chain: from the original idea to the design, from prototyping to final production.


Star Heels: A Style Choice

The heel is the distinctive element of each shoe, capable of defining the character and personality of the wearer. Our attention to the choice of shape and size is crucial to ensure that each model stands out. We offer a wide range of heels, including:

  • Sculptural heels
  • Stilettos
  • Caged heels
  • Super light heels
  • Custom heels

Customized 3D heels: From Drawing to Prototype

For designers and brands who want tailored heels, our technical team transforms any idea, sketch or design into a 3D model, printing prototypes that faithfully reflect the final design. This process not only ensures unprecedented customization but also the optimal choice of materials for a high quality accessory.


Reticube® Technology: lightness and resistance

Whit our Reticube® Technology we make brass and steel heels, characterized by complex undercuts and hollow cage structures, combining lightness and strength. This innovation eliminates the costs associated with making molds, allowing for agile and tailor-made production.

Quality and Tradition 100% Made in Italy

The complete internalisation of production in our factories in Bologna testifies to our commitment to excellence and quality control, from conception to production. Every heel that leaves our headquarters is a tribute to Made in Italy, bringing the Guimer style on the most prestigious fashion catwalks.

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3D Heels

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