Our Story

Guimer was founded in the 1960s as a company producing buckles and fashion accessories.

Over the years the company grew slowly until 1989 when, with the change of management, Gianluca Bagnara led the company tirelessly to its current status, never looking back.

Years of hard work and contacts with Italian and foreign suppliers and customers allowed Guimer not only to develop but to improve and understand potential and also its limitations.

Guimer: buckle number 90.

Before 1989, Guimer produced 89 buckles. In 1990, Bagnara designed, thanks to his creativity, buckle number 90.

Buckle number 90 heralded the new production of buckles, which today boasts 1500 models, all of which are hand-designed.

Over the last 30 years, the company has changed significantly, growing not only in terms of products, techniques and processes but also with its employees who are not only workers but also people with a great responsibility in every sector.

Who we are

For more than twenty years Rovena has been our ultimate expert in buckles. With experienced gained in Guimer’s warehouses, and who knows perfectly every model, finish and processing. If you need a code or you want to know what kind of tongue a certain buckle has, or if it is chromium-plated or nickel-plated, she can tell you with her eyes shut.

Valentina’s hands are never still. She is constantly at work with the buckles, knows every single component and accessory produced in the last 15 years and also remembers the old models.

Elisa is the heart of the commercial office. Over the last 13 years, she has learned to handle every customer’s need and request. She has fallen in love with her work and carries it out with passion every day so that everyone can fully understand what type of product they are buying.

Alberto was very young when he joined the team and today manages the design department and the workshop, designing and creating customers’ requests, finding solutions even in the most difficult cases. His Sicilian obstinacy has brought added value, novelty and innovation to the company.

and then…

Daniela is the head of the style department, a woman with affable manners. Very attentive to human needs first, then the professional ones of her collaborators, she has always helped to develop the company without ever giving up. Her elegance, taste and continuous research have resulted in new products beyond all expectations.
Last but not least there is Gianluca who has been the owner of Guimer since 1989. Thanks to his tenacity, wide knowledge of the sector and passion for what it has always done, implementing his ideals, Guimer has managed to maintain the highest quality standards, respect and attention to every customer’s need.

Finally, there is our workshop in which the operators every day start the pantographs, machineries and welding machines and work to help put a brick in this foundation as well.


It is easy to celebrate our achievements, we know that….. but this is the simple story of a small company that believed first of all in human capital, which respected every single person it met on its way without ever looking back. This is the story that unites so many small and medium-sized companies that today, despite the dark years of crisis, are still here because they have demonstrated they have the heart and spirit of initiative as well as ensuring quality.

This is not an institutional page where we state what we do and how we do it but rather a page that sets out the values on which Guimer is based and celebrates the people on whom it depends, the real engine that drives it forward every day.

We do not need to tell you anything more but instead invite you to read in the profile of each buckle the work of Rovena, Valentina, Elisa, Alberto, Daniela, Gianluca and of all the other employees who work to create a beautiful product that satisfies the customer.

Long live Made in Italy.