Solid Brass Buckles

Solid Brass Buckles: the emblem of tradition and robustness.

Each of our Solid Brass Buckles is a tribute to the beauty of craftsmanship,
designed for those who love classic style with a touch of modernity.

100% Made in Italy, elegant and refined design,
produced entirely in our workshops.

The brass buckles are customizable upon request of the customer.

Discover our collections of Solid Brass Buckles


Basic collection

The name Basic Collection comes from the initial stage of our production.
High quality brass buckles, Made in Italy, are made by combining traditional techniques cutting-edge design. Over 50 stylish models and always available.


Interchangeable buckles

Interchangeable buckles are our strong point.
Offering a wide range of unique designs, including models with shapes, waves and bulges,
these interchangeable buckles allow complete expression to those who choose them.

In addition, these buckles do not require the seam of the belt rod,
for this they are ideal for double-face belts.

Buckle fastenings in Solid Brass

We have realized 3 different fastenings for brass buckles:

  • Reversible: An attachment that connects your brass buckle to the belt and allows you to rotate the first on either side of the last, so you can take advantage of both sides of the belta
  • Detachable: which can be easily removed for any eventuality
  • Simple: with or without loop, 30, 35 and 40 mm, allow you to unhook the belt from the buckle or to unhook the attachment from the buckle.

Men’s Solid Brass Buckles

Our collection includes over 300 men’s belt buckles of every style:
classic, casual and elegant.

Each buckle has a unique design, to define the desired style.

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“Made in Italy” Collection

Each of our buckles is Made in Italy, but these have a unique feature:
on the front of the buckle have engraved the words “Made in Italy and Solid Brass”.

These buckles will give your collection an element of particularity and value,
that shows with finesse and elegance the value of your buckle.


Buckles with a Particular Barb

Our Buckles with Barb Detail, unique in design and lost wax processing (goldsmith method),
are a distinctive element of the accessories collection.
These buckles feature barbs with shapes inspired by crocodile, breed and snake,
offering 11 distinctive models that enhance any belt with their unique design.

Buckles Customization Options

Create your uniqueness: custom buckles in every detail
to express your style.

Tell us what you want, we will offer you the best and high quality solution, in different materials:

  • Solid Brass;
  • 925 Sterling Silver;
  • Stainless Steel:
  • 3D, with the Reticube® Technology patented by us.

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