Brass Buckles “Basic Collection”

The Basic Collection brass buckles represent the first step in our production. Made with hot pressing, vibrated, cleaned and galvanized, these Made in Italy brass buckles meet high quality standards.

Different models follow each other in our catalogue favouring a wide choice for leather workers, artisans, designers and brands in order to find the model that best meets expectations.

Given the production process, we are also able to manufacture buckles with our customers’ logo.

For Basic Collection brass buckles, prices start at €4.10 with Polished Nickel finish. At the disposal of our customers, we have different galvanic baths (see our colour folder) to allow each of our customers to create the buckle that best suits their collection.

Every year, the collection in the catalogue welcomes models that are in line with the new trends, offering buckles with clear and elegant lines.
Always keeping abreast of fashion market demands, our collection of Brass Buckles consists of more than 50 models that are always available in stock (stock service).

The Made in Italy tradition at the service of quality production.

The Made in Italy tradition is a fundamental part of the creative and productive process of our Brass Buckles.
A new production technology means significant savings during the production phase of Brass Buckles, without altering their usual quality.

Choosing a Guimer buckle means not only relying on a production partner on the market for more than forty years, but choosing MADE IN ITALY production.
Careful brass selection adds value to the solidity and quality of the buckle.

Brass buckles: reversible and releasable joints

The “Basic Collection” Buckle catalogue now also includes reversible and releasable joints that can be applied on all buckle models in 30 mm and 35 mm.
Reversible and releasable joints can be used to attach the buckle to the belt without the need for sewing.

A type of buckle that facilitates creation of the entire belt. Check out our interchangeable and reversible models by downloading our catalogue.

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Our buckles are strictly Made in Italy. All the design and production phases of our products are completely carried out at our headquarters in Bologna.

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