Basic Collection Solid Brass Buckles

The Basic Collection of solid brass buckles is the starting point of our production line, embodying the fusion of technique and aesthetics with hot stamping processes, vibration, polishing and galvanization.
These processes give our buckles, proudly Made in Italy,
a high quality standard and a flawless finish.


Every year, our catalogue is enriched with new models that reflect the latest trends, offering refined and elegant designs. With over 50 variants always available,
our collection of Solid Brass Buckles meets the needs of leather goods manufacturers,
artisans, designers and brands looking for the perfect complement to their creations.

Basic Collection Solid Brass Buckles: reversible and detachable Fastenings

In the buckle catalogue we have also included simple, reversible and detachable fastenings, which can be applied to all models of buckles in 30 mm and 35 mm.

The reversible and detachable fastenings allow you to attach the buckle to the belt without needing to sew it, thus facilitating the construction of the entire belt.


Customizable on request

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Our range of galvanic finishes, customizable in various colors, allows customers to choose custom details.
The production, all internal, reflects our commitment to the sustainability and high quality of Made in Italy,
ensuring an ecological product and excellence in every aspect.

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