Buckles Fastenings

Reversible, detachable and simple brass fastenings

We have made 3 brass fastenings: reversible, detachable and simple.

  • Reversable: which can be produced in 35 mm, allowing the belt to be rotated;
  • Detachable: that will allow you to take the belt from the buckle easily, in 30 mm or 35 mm;
  • Simple: with or without belt loop, of 30, 35 and 40 mm, allow to release the belt from the buckle or to release the attachment from the buckle.

Reversible Fastenings

They allows you to change the appearance of your belt in a simple gesture, adapting to any occasion.
Thanks to this solution, with a simple movement the buckle can be turned to show the other side of the belt, offering two distinct looks in a single accessory.

Detachable Fastenings

Our detachable fastening is the perfect solution for those looking for a practical but aesthetically refined option.
Easy to use, it allows you to unhook the belt from the buckle with extreme simplicity, making the change of buckle fast and uncomplicated.

Simple Fastenings with or without loop

Our simple binding is the perfect solution for those looking for a versatile and stylish design option.

  1. Allows to be installed on any buckle (there is no seam).
  2. It offers the possibility to unhook the belt from the buckle with extreme simplicity and rotate the belt direction without problems.

3 options of loop:

  • Absent
  • Squared
  • Bridge

3 sizes: 30 mm, 35 mm and 40mm.

The Excellence of Made in Italy

At Guimer s.r.l., we firmly believe in the added value of Made in Italy: every buckle attachment is the result of Italian excellence, with a careful quality control that guarantees an ecological, durable and high quality final product. Our dedication to sustainability and quality is reflected in every detail, confirming our commitment to offer only the best to our customers. These new buckle bindings are no exception, embodying the perfect fusion of innovation, style and environmental responsibility.

Discover the versatility and elegance of our new brass buckle bindings, and be inspired by the timeless quality of Made in Italy.

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