Buckles collection “Made in Italy”

Each of our buckles is 100% Made in Italy.
The prerogative of this collection is that you find engraved on the front “Made in Italy” and “Solid Brass”

Welcome to our “Made in Italy” collection.

Each buckle of our collection is a unique piece, produced in our workshops, which wants to celebrate what the brand “Made in Italy” represents in the world.


Made of Solid Brass

The “Made in Italy” Collection’s Buckles are produced in solid brass, material known for its quality and durability

In several styles

The collection offers a variety of contemporary models, designed to meet the needs of a refined audience: you will find in our collection the perfect buckle for any occasion.


“Made in Italy” and “Solid Brass” engravings

Each buckle in this collection is carefully engraved with the words “Made in Italy” and “Solid Brass”,
to guarantee the authenticity and provenance of the materials.
This brand is not only a symbol of quality and craftsmanship, but also a tribute to the Italian tradition in metalworking,
recognized and appreciated worldwide.

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Each buckle of this collection is carefully engraved with the words “Made in Italy” and “Solid Brass” on the front, a tribute to the inventiveness of Italian design and the processing of noble metals such as brass, recognized and appreciated worldwide.

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