Once again the undisputed protagonist of fashion accessories.

Brands are increasingly aware of the need to create products able to satisfy increasingly demanding customers, looking for exclusive and unique products.

Not only fashion accessories: a striking example.

Cosmetics are also beginning to be part of the customization discourse. One is looking, for example, for creams and serums specific for one’s own skin and not for the type of skin in general.

Even the colour palette for eyeshadows is no longer the trendy colour palette but a palette of shades suitable for that specific face.

To keep up with the times, therefore, and to be able to offer a unique shopping experience and tailor-made products, almost all forward-thinking brands are looking for suppliers who can offer products always

Give your customers unique shopping experiences with tailor-made products that meet the needs of each individual customer.

Adapting to custom fashion is now a clear business opportunity.

According to the 2019 edition of Fashion Tech Insights, the annual survey conducted by the Piepoli Institute on the main technological trends in the fashion world, the future of fashion will be increasingly personalized.

The new generations, the so-called Millenials (born between 1980 and the 2000s), the economic heartbeat, are those who prefer only accessories, clothes, personalized or customizable shoes for their shopping.

A passion for initials:

Since the dawn of time, tailored suits often had sewn the initials of the client.

Then, for many years, the question of initials went a little bit less because it was considered ancient and demodé.

Then came the era of customization and again the initials came back in vogue, giving an added value to the object on which they are located.

Have you ever thought about buckles with initials? Not engraved, not drawn but present with plates to be inserted in special compartments. Buckles that give that added value, that different customization that the market requires with increasing desire.

Nowadays consumers are not satisfied with the standardized product, they want to stand out and reaffirm their concept of individuality.

Being ready to offer unique and original accessories is the optimal strategy to be competitive while maintaining the primacy of quality and design with a Made in Italy style.

The key word to keep up with the times is therefore customization.

More and more companies in the fashion sector are personalizing.

Do not waste time.