The adjective to accompany fashion in this last year is certainly sustainable.

A slow but progressive awareness that has revolutionized the world of fashion by encouraging the use of eco-sustainable materials in the production of clothing and fashion accessories.

In recent months, many brand manufacturers have committed themselves to the reconversion of their products promoting the health of the environment and its consumers.

Ethics and sustainability are the two key words on which green fashion is based, a fashion sector that shows increasing attention not only to digital evolution but above all to environmental protection.

Eco-fashion all Made in Italy

We tend to talk a little about us and a lot about what’s happening around us but we are aware that aiming for the green was an appropriate choice and consistent with what is happening in the world.
Aiming at sustainability and beyond: Guimer has decided to launch a collection of buckles focused entirely on environmental sustainability.

The collection consists of 10 design buckles made of stainless steel.

This line is part of an expanding and growing eco-sustainability program.

We think that a line of buckles dedicated exclusively to ethical and responsible fashion is just the first of many of the sustainability goals we have set ourselves.

Not only fashion accessories: eco-sustainability also leaves its mark on luxury brands.
Green fashion also represents a challenge for the Olympus of the great brands that aim at sustainable fabrics and share the attention to eco-fashion.

Let’s also look at the numbers:

  • The attention towards the sustainability of fashion is also communicated through numbers.
  • Sustainable sneakers and jeans are in first place with high volumes of research. It is also interesting to evaluate how the world of accessories is turning towards this direction.

It is interesting to note how the search for sustainable buckles has increased (31% from September 2019 to today). This is followed by regenerative jewellery and sustainable swimwear.

It is interesting to see how organic cotton and recycled plastic are also in the spotlight.

The focus on green fashion today is important: we are always up to date on the evolution of fashion at the moment to provide our customers with products that are increasingly attentive to environmental sustainability.