Lineapelle 2-4 October 2019 will be marked by the EQ EMOTIONAL QUOTIENT

Often they tell us that you have to let yourself be carried away by emotions to be sure of the choices you make.

Never has thought been more truthful.

To be guided by one’s own emotions today is even more valuable given the technological and highly digitized wave that has hit our lives.
At Linea Pelle Winter 20_21 you have to follow this flow, and it was precisely the QE Quotient (Emotional Quotient) that created the new trends developed by the Lineapelle Fashion Committee.

Instinct is the driving force behind our communication and the emotional impact that fashion has on our decisions cannot be overlooked.
The approach? Emotion and color that mix with components that are born from a mixture of perfection and imperfection.

A product that is not objectively beautiful, but it is beautiful because you like it, because you feel it is part of your being.

Winter 2020 turns red, as does LineaPelle

Winter 2020 turns red: in New York Linea Pelle launches the Red Carpet challenge, which will also be repeated in the Milan edition from 2 to 4 October 2019.
It is a strong and decisive image that challenges anyone who looks at it, the one that identifies the new visual of Lineapelle, projecting it towards the edition number 97, scheduled from 2 to 4 October 2019 in Milan.
The woman who refracts herself in the image of herself: an exciting and at the same time still photograph that, fully immersed in the trends of the winter season 2020/2021, is proposed as a game of reflections, in which the viewer is reflected in the gaze of the model who, in turn, reflects his image on a surface that is in the eyes of the viewer.

The emotional factor is clearly the leitmotif.

A few numbers from this edition:

50 countries and over 1,000 companies will be exhibiting their innovations at the stands, including products, exhibitions and brochures.
Over the years, the number of customers visiting the show has grown steadily, reaching more than 110 countries of origin and around 20,000 visitors, as well as a boom in Russia and Japan.

An interesting parterre for all exhibitors who devote themselves with care to the preparation of their products to take to the fair.

We like to emphasize those who support and love the environment.

This year in Hall 14 there will be an exhibition area dedicated to the circular economy of the tanning sector. Companies that recover waste from the food industry to produce fine materials for the manufacture of leather goods and furniture.

During the 97th edition of Lineapelle, in Hall 22 (Stand D21-23) will be present the exhibition area of Guimer Srl dedicated this year to silver buckles, custom buckles and buckles with initials.
If you have a project and you want to realize your custom buckle, in our stand you can talk with Elisa or Rovena or contact us in advance by filling out the form here and writing in the subject: Appointment Lineapelle97.

We look forward to seeing you at Lineapelle97.

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