Pantograph processing: let’s find out all the secrets.

Discover Pantograph processing. Behind a finished product, like a buckle, there are a whole series of steps that are fundamental for the realization of it.

One of the processing methods that are used for the production of buckles is Pantograph. The Pantograph is a machine moved by a computer that controls the movements through a CAD-CAM work program which is able to reproduce a data drawing in different sizes and on different scales.

Pantograph technology.

A pantograph is a highly technological machine which has inside circuits that allow you the movement of mechanical components, according to a whole series of benchmarks.

Consequently according to cutting-edge instrumentation they move to carry out different processes on specific material as brass or silver depending on the work you want to do.

The use of a machine of great precision and accuracy ensures that each buckle or component made with this process is perfect. The design experience on CAM-CAD and machine technology facilitate work processes in order to offer maximum production efficiency which is always highly appreciated by the customer because this type of processing translates into speed of delivery and costs commensurate.

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