Personalized Buckles with initials is the fashion of the future: the new frontier of the monogram.

What does it mean to have a customizable buckle?

Customizing a designer belt, or a belt you are particularly fond of, is the first step towards the new glamorous style of the future.

If your initials appear next to a prestigious logo, those who buy it will have brought home a unique and precious product.

The service of personalization of the garments is now widespread, but what the market had not yet offered was the personalized buckle with initials to be mounted in a few seconds.

We are not talking about an engraved product or pantograph but made to measure as a real tailor-made dress.

The personalized buckle with initials represents the new fashion accessory that outlines new boundaries for a product.

Think of the belt, which until now has been invested with many new features but not as decisive as this one.

Buckles that are not only interchangeable but that have two/three spaces where you can put your initials in one click, all in 3 seconds.

The service of personalization of garments and accessories is a road that some of the most prestigious fashion brands are pursuing, including Burberry, Louis Vuitton.

What do big brands do to personalize their products?

Louis Vuitton, for example, offers its customers a service of customization of bags directly from its website.

Burberry has a monogramming service on trench coats made in the UK where customers can ask to put their initials on the prestigious garment.

But with the buckle customizable with initials can I really make happy the customers of Sartorie? Customers of belt manufacturers? Definitely yes!

The buckle with the initial priors is indisputably the must-have of the moment. Buckles of different models, with two or three sections designed for the insertion of letters through a mechanism of magnets easy to assemble. One click is the buckle is customized!

People who wear it know that they have a unique product, with their own initials that no one else has.

The concept of exclusivity, of uniqueness is very much felt by the market. The demand from potential buyers for unique, original and no longer serial garments is increasingly alive.

Monogrammed fashion garments: a story that lasts a lifetime

In fact, this fashion of the moment, which began to spread about three years ago, has a history that has its roots in time and in common customs.

Just think of a typical target: men and women who have been working since the dawn of time have always had their initials embroidered on shirts, scarves and cufflinks. But not only that, monograms have always existed on uniforms or work clothes to identify the subjectivity of the person.

The same big hotel brands still choose monograms as a distinctive feature on sheets, napkins, tablecloths, towels and curtains.
Let’s talk about Louis Vuitton, which for many years has given fans the opportunity to personalize a plate with their own name to be affixed next to the bag.

Customizable buckle: owning unique accessories that talk about our potential customer

Being part of your own fashion accessory is a certain differential, if all the more so this accessory is an interchangeable buckle (therefore potentially applicable to an infinite number of rods for belts the game is done.)

Today, this trend of customization involves many companies that on their sites give the opportunity to customize the chosen garment, such as, for example, in the case of Zara with embroidered denim garments but you must always think outside the box, that’s why a buckle customized with their initials is still a product too original …

This trend certainly stems from the need to stand out from the crowd and emerge.

Fashion, over time, has always helped men and women to express themselves, its culture and its tastes but most of all to declare their identity and, with the initials on the buckle, we are already one step ahead.

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