Electroplating is a treatment that has existed for more than a century now.

Aqueous solutions and ambient temperature based on metal salts, bases, acids and additives which, placed in specific tanks aligned in sequence, vulgarly give colour to the buckle.

Until recently, the few who paid attention to the choice of galvanic colors for their fashion accessories. The attention was mainly focused on the shape, material and design, taking for granted that the colour was always light, nickel-plated or chrome-plated.

Then appeared the fashion accessories in Matt Black, in pink gold and in the different variants of gold (light, polished or satin).
Even the English silver or the treatment with stones and woods that gives the buckle a particular effect began to make its way along with those brass.


In addition to glossy and satin nickel nickle, therefore, the galvanic finishes are enriched with new proposals, with different inspirations: gold, matt and glossy black, brass among the examples.
The chromatic games and shades of colour are numerous according to taste and stylistic needs.
The electroplating that in recent months has climbed the ranking is certainly the one related to glossy and matt black because it gives elegance and originality to each accessory.
And from a technical point of view?

In addition to the undoubted aesthetic value, the galvanic treatment greatly improves the characteristics of the object in question making it much more resistant to corrosion.
From this it is clear that galvanic treatments are necessary because any metal is subject over time to deterioration caused by various factors such as atmospheric agents.

Let us briefly summarize how galvanizing works.

Galvanization can be performed using 3 techniques:

  • Cold electroplating – electrolytic deposition.
  • Hot electroplating – the oldest and most used patented by Sorel
  • Galvanic bath – Immersion in molten zonco bath

The result is the same, regardless of the technique used.
Remember, as we have previously pointed out, as well as having a protective function, electroplating also has the burden and honour of playing an aesthetic and trendy role.

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