Lineapelle97, the most important trade fair event for the entire chain of the international fashion & luxury industry connected to the world of leather held from 2 to 4 October 2019 in the spaces of Fieramilano Rho, this year attentive to environmental sustainability, hosted again this year 50 countries on display for a total of 1270 companies.

The main theme launched by the organizers of LineaPelle97 was EQ – Emotional Quotient . Learn more read our article Lineapelle 2-4 October 2019 will be dedicated to EQ EMOTIONAL QUOTIENT – even if there were other themes that have raised the attention of many visitors to this edition.

Environmental sustainability: is it possible in fashion?

Environmental sustainability is, fortunately, in recent years a topic increasingly discussed and applied to all sectors of trade and also crafts.

LineaPelle has not been any less offering spaces to different realities that have presented and exhibited products created in an eco-sustainable and green way, regenerated leather or made using new technologies and food waste materials.
We are increasingly talking about sustainability, a trend that embraces different types of products that are also very different from each other but that together manage to create something unique and that is good for our planet.
The production chain of tanneries as well as of different fashion accessories, such as steel buckles, use natural, recycled or reusable materials.

Many tanneries use dyes with low environmental impact, use less polluting washes and exploit the reuse of water that is used in processing.

(Re)cycling exhibition

These companies have invested a lot to “educate” their fashion customers that leather is not only clean but fully inserted in the context of the circular economy. At LineaPelle, this message has been conveyed, and it is clear in the space called The leather (re)cycling exhibition.

We have no doubt, and this edition of Lineapelle has confirmed it, that sustainability is an increasingly important theme at a general level and a trend of growth in fashion favored by the media attention that today places its gaze on the climate.

Lineapelle and environmental sustainability: but will the products be sold?

Was Lineapelle avant-garde? The feedback on the market seems to be there. According to a survey it is estimated that 70% of consumers are willing to choose eco-sustainable products.
Because of this sales potential, even the big brands have decided to invest and will increasingly invest in green materials.

What about Young people?

The presence of youths was another positive note of this edition, which left room for university designers who have actually entered a market that will welcome them after their studies.
Young people, and this is not a commonplace, are the future, and as such should be supported in their ideas. Lineapelle hosted several schools and academies of young designers who presented their products and their creations.

Many companies and visitors appreciated this young and futuristic vision of fashion realized by the levers of the future.

Despite the crisis that still tends to manifest itself in the trade sector we breathed in the pavilions of Lineapelle97 enthusiasm and desire to win back the public with craftsmanship and tradition Made in Italy.

We are waiting for the next Lineapelle di Febbraio.