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In recent years, fashion and 3D have approached, searched and united.

How is 3D used in fashion today? Why are we talking about 3D buckle?

There are brands that have been looking for an alternative solution in 3D printing for the realization of extremely complex garments, offering designers the possibility to space even more with imagination.

The main problem of 3D garments are mainly found in the rigidity of materials and poor fit.

The issue of fashion accessories is quite different, because the production of 3D objects, such as buttons, bags, 3D buckle or even heels gives the finished product a touch of stunning originality.

But let’s talk about 3D objects, as we pointed out before, not full but characterized by particular textures, made of solids and voids.

We can look through these particular textures.

Laser Sintering for 3D buckle

Laser sintering, a machining process that makes it possible to produce any shape, even the most extreme complexities without any kind of problem.

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Fashion is more and more three-dimensional

Jewelry is also entering the world of 3D, and even here the difficulty of different manufacturers is to create a truly unique product.

Without a doubt, 3D printing has also begun to gain an important role in the fashion industry.

The innovation of 3D technology for creativity and innovation, has conquered some of the most famous designers in the industry and attracted the attention of celebrities and fashionistas from all over the world.

3D catwalk printing: the most daring collections.

Many designers have turned to 3D technology to create unique models, creating extraordinary and futuristic garments.

So why choose 3D technology for your fashion accessories or your 3D buckle?

Laser sintering allows you to realize any kind of project

It is possible to realize your objects in different materials

You can create endless undercuts

Allows you to dare and go beyond the design of the accessory made with traditional methods

It’s time to try something unique for your fashion collection…don’t you think?