Let’s discover the proposals made by the National Chamber of Italian Fashion

The Chamber of Fashion on the covid 19
At this extremely difficult time for the world economy. Every sector is trying to take shelter to preserve its resources and try to start again once this is over.

Italy: Country of fashion producers

As we well know, Italy is one of the world’s leading manufacturers in the luxury fashion sector.

The consequences that the health emergency will have are clear: short and long term impacts on small and medium enterprises also at a global level.

Fashion sector represents the second largest industry in the country, Italy, as they mentioned before, besides being the first producer in the world, is also the first producer of fashion in Europe.

Economic crisis generated by the emergency that our country is facing. Will cause a series of inevitable consequences in the short term that will affect the financial balance.

What is at risk, therefore, is the entire production chain that only Italy boasts in the world.

Precisely for this reason, it is essential to preserve and support with important aid also the fashion sector as well as two other important sectors such as tourism and transport.

Trying to do something against Covid-19: The proposal of the National Chamber of Fashion.

The National Chamber of Italian Fashion is a non-profit association whose aim is the promotion and coordination of the Italian fashion sector.
This association disciplines, coordinates and promotes the development of Made in Italy, a point of reference and promotion of Italian style, costume and fashion.

The National Chamber for Italian Fashion has therefore drawn up a document with concrete proposals, sent to the Government, to supplement the legislative decree “Cura Italia” launched a few days ago.

The proposals
Some of the proposals made by NCIF:

  • Special redundancy fund for the most serious cases of company crisis.
  • Cutting the tax and social security burden of companies involved in the crisis in order to contain labour costs.
  • Measures to facilitate a one-sided temporary reduction in working hours for all permanent employees
  • Repowering ACE
  • Establishment of a guarantee fund to help banks defer loan maturities, freeze interest and grant or increase credit lines necessary to overcome the impasse of likely financial crises.
  • Introduction of fiscal incentives to promote the diversion of production towards Made in Italy.
  • Double deductibility of investments in digital marketing, to push the only distribution mode that might not be so affected by the emergency.
  • Direct aid to small and medium-sized enterprises, including artisan ones, in order to allow a quick recovery so as not to demolish the unique fabric that characterizes the Made in Italy and the industry at the world level of high quality products.

Lastly, we would like to mention a very important detailed project, also proposed by the NCIF:

The extension of the Patent box regulations on trademarks until 30 June 2021. This intervention would allow Italian companies, in particular those in the luxury sector, to defend the value of Made in Italy brands. The deadline of 30 June 2021 is dictated by OECD rules, which have allowed trademarks to be included in the Patent box until that date.

A great example of willingness, awareness and determination has made the National Chamber of Italian Fashion an active point of reference for fashion brands and for the entire supply chain that revolves around this sector to which we all want to say THANK YOU.

Covid 19 – Made in Italy against the virus: small steps towards a better future.

We have understood that regardless of the production chain to which reference is made, Made in Italy in general is certainly the most affected by Covid-19.

In this direction, producers in the fashion sector (more precisely in the tanning sector) have launched a first message with the hashtag #italianleatherneverstops.

A simple but effective claim. United against the epidemic in a difficult situation like the one we are experiencing day after day.

Small, medium and large enterprises today more than ever are determined to continue their activities with renewed strength, courage and awareness.


At sunset against Covid-19

We would like to close our article, however, first of all by thanking the doctors, nurses and all the medical staff who fight this war on the front every day against an invisible but very powerful enemy.

The whole economy will suffer, but today as never before we wish with all our heart that the pandemic will end for the health of all. We cling virtually to all those who have lost a loved one and are fighting to defeat this virus.

We join the initiative of 6:00 p.m. today, March 27, 2020, called by the City of Bologna and Cardinal Zuppi, respecting a minute’s silence in memory of all the victims of Covid-19.