Find out how to get your own customized buckle. If you can think it, we can make it.

A customized buckle can make a commercial difference because it’s different from all the others and unique.

It often says that the image is worth more than a thousand words because the presence of a brand in the minds of its consumers is very important.

We oftern wonder how much a buckle can affect on the whole outfit of a person? The answer is a lot. 85% of people remember a particular detail that calls to mind the image of a brand much more than the whole outfit. Of these, about 60% will be unconsciously prepared to search again for that brand.

A buckle with its peculiarity can tell a lot about a company; it can tell a story, it can empathize with the consumer and not leave him anymore.
A customized buckle tells your story and does it your way. The design of a buckle, therefore, represents the starting point in the creation of something bigger than a simple accessory.

To understand well what we are talking about you need to understand the first 5 steps to take to get your customized buckle.

1. The Vision of own customized buckle.

Today, many fashion companies choose to use customized elements to give their brand a touch of customization and uniqueness that can place it
in a way that is more and more in the marketplace. Today the competition is high, there are hundreds of companies producing belts and fashion accessories, which have to make room in the large but increasingly narrow globalized fashion market.

In this regard, the search for customization and quality is the winning way to stand out and be remembered, researched, and purchased. Having a vision means having a story to tell, an image to share with your target to say: here I am.
A personalized buckle is unique in its kind and can evoke an image, a story, a concept, a message, it’s only the beginning of a path of growth in the world of fashion.
If your goal is this, the first step is the creation of a vision of your company which can be translated into an image; that image will be your personalized buckle.

A brainstorming with the style office but not only; every one of your collaborators could be precious in the construction of your concept. One of the main reasons why fashion companies produce belts with customized
buckles is dictated by the need for Brand Recognition. They represent an elegant and refined distinctive feature, and represent the collateral node for an excellent strategy aimed at promoting through a clear distinctive feature. We generate impressions (the number of times your brand is seen) over the days and months . You can increase impressions because the customized buckle is original, elegant and

2 The design

If you have a style office, you are now able to develop the project. Your file from the computer screen, according to different working processes could soon become your buckle.
The design is an embryonic phase that sees the birth in 2d or 3d of your prototype of your project. If you haven’t an internal designer, and you don’t know how to realize the design of your idea, the producers of Buckles have inside designers
who are able to give shape to your words. Thanks to the experience of these professional figures, the idea becomes a project and then turns into a three-dimensional image and rendering.
The goal to be achieved in the initial design phase of a customized buckle is to offer the best technical solutions and recommend the materials to be adopted.

3. The choice of the producer partner
This is the most delicate step, because it involves a careful selection of the partner to rely on for the realization of your VISION. In Italy, where the essence of craftsmanship and the
close collaboration between buckles manufacturers and leather manufacturers are still alive, few use their internal resources for the entire realization of the customized buckle. Choosing a reliable partner who can guide you through the entire process of making your branded product is important as the careful selection of the material we want the buckle to be made of.

4. The selection of the type of processing and materials for own customized buckle..

There are different types of processing for the realization of customized buckles.

Specifically, we try to understand how these processing techniques work and why it is important to look for a manufacturing partner who can make your customized buckle.

Pantograph processing.

Pantograph processing is a technique that, starting from a specific file, and with the help of a machine, allows to make buckles by milling the chosen
The first step of this process is carried out through the creation of a virtual file (or model) supported by Cad-Cam design programs. In the next step the project of the customized buckle requested by the customer, is transferred from the computer to the
After a faithfull programmation, it will reproduce with great precision yout own design.

Hot Moulding

Hot forging allows high quality parts to be obtained through a significant working of the starting material which can
be the brass or the silver,
Hot forging is a manufacturing process that takes place at high temperatures. During brass working, you will use presses for hot forging which will be able to produce particular shapes ;they are obtained thanks
to the pressure exerted by a press on a steel mould designed in 3D and built in the laboratory, taking into account many variables.

Lost wax

The lost wax working, is certainly the oldest, which draws its origin from the Bronze Age. The creation of those sumptuous statues that we admire in museums around the world is often the result of this technique of melting
wax. This type of processing involves several stages. The first is the creation of a mould of our prototype in plastic material.

Inside this mould the wax will be poured and once solidified, it will be extracted by showing us the first prototype of our buckle. Then the wax prototype will be inserted into cylinders that once solidified
will be placed in an oven that will melt the wax (hence the name Lost wax).

The cavity obtained by melting the wax is filled with brass, silver 925 depending on the material chosen; whose thickness will be equal to the thickness of the wax. Once the brass has cooled down (for example), the
personalized buckle is freed from the casting mould and the network of casting channels, cleaned and finished.

The choice of material is often the vehicle of business values.

Today the theme of social responsibility is very much felt; we often talk about the eco-sustainability of the materials that convey certain important
social messages (from respect for the environment to the care of the health of the people who live there). consumers). For 4 years now, in addition to the classic materials of which
the buckles are composed, more and more manufacturers of fashion accessories have decided to embrace an environmental policy using leadfree brass for their buckles and / or fashion components.

Lead-free brass is not only a challenge that may result in a great opportunity in the future, but is also regulated by REACH – officially Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006, is a regulation of the European Union, of 18 December 2006, concerning the registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction of chemicals – and is also the subject of a study by the European Commission.

The choice of material for the realization of our own personalized buckle is therefore another fundamental element for the realization of our project.

5. The customized buckle, a small work of art

The fashion market is demanding, requires more and more novelties and less conformity. Influencers influence purchasing flows and want to be more and more amazed by those who have to launch new products.
A customized buckle is certainly a first step. The Made in Italy production is the way to start this branding process. Finding a reliable manufacturer with whom to enter into a solid and lasting partnership is the fundamental
condition for starting this work.

Do you already have your project in mind and would you like a consultancy? Find out how to make your own custom buckle.