Custom Belt Buckles

At Guimer, we provide an extensive selection of customizable belt buckles tailored to meet your individual needs.
We personalized laser-engraved belt buckles, or realize them starting from your design or logo.

Ideal for enhancing your attire or as a bespoke gift for someone special, our personalized belt buckles are an excellent choice.

Crafted with premium materials and meticulous attention to detail, our belt buckles guarantee both aesthetic allure and enduring quality. All in a 100% Made in Italy production.
Choose our personalized laser-engraved belt buckles, or lest’s realize your belt buckle from your design or logo.

Custom Belt Buckles in High quality materials:

We make your customized buckle according to different techniques and materials:

  • Brass
  • Silver 925
  • 3D creations with metal sintering

Custom Belt Buckles with Unique Options:

  • Custom Made: We make your buckle starting from your design or logo.
  • Custom Engraving: We can also engrave your logo, name or design on your buckle.

Custom Belt Buckles: Craftsmanship for Unparalleled Details

In the realization of our custom buckles, we use advanced technologies, ensuring a quality end product

  • Pantograph: Allows to faithfully produce drawings and logos on brass plates;
  • Lost Wax: A traditional goldsmith method that allows you to create intricate and detailed shapes;
  • Hot Stamping: Used to model metals through heat and pressure;
  • Metal Sintering: Innovative processing for 3D creations, allows you to make buckles with complex geometries and undercuts.

Commitment to Quality and Environment

Our buckles are eco-friendly, 100% Made in Italy and made entirely in our workshop:
in this way, we reduce emissions and, by producing buckles in materials such as brass, steel and 925 silver, during processing we can carry out continuous recycling of waste during production processes.

Custom Bel Buckles starting from your design

Choose whether to make a buckle on your design, with the logo of your company, or with an engraving above: for every need, we will offer you the most appropriate solution for you, in high quality.

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