Our Buckles in the catalogue

Guimer s.r.l. has been manufacturing and customizing high quality buckles for over 50 years.
We offer a diverse collection in different materials:

Our buckles are 100% Made in Italy, eco-friendly and design.

Explore our extensive offer:


Customized buckles

Create your own uniqueness: custom buckles in every detail to express your style.

Tell us what you want, we will offer you the best and high quality solution, in different materials:

  • Solid Brass;
  • 925 Sterling Silver;
  • Stainless Steel;
  • 3D, with the Reticube® Technology patented by us.

Our buckles in the catalogue

Solid Brass Buckles

Luxury and Durability: discover our durable and elegant brass buckles. We have different collections, discover them all.
Possibility of customization to customer’s design.


Buckles in 925 sterling silver

Timeless elegance: our 925 silver buckles add a touch of class to any belt.

Each of our 925 silver buckles is 100% Made in Italy, ecological and produced internally in our workshop, even in lost wax (goldsmith method).

Customization available upon customer request.


Buckles in stainless steel

Discover our stainless steel buckles, 100% Made in Italy and ecological.

Sublime symbol of excellence and modern durability, are produced internally in our workshop with lost wax method (goldsmith method):
the ideal choice for a high quality accessory.

Possibility of customization on customer request.


Women’s buckles

The elegance of the woman meets a buckle with unparalleled charm, the latest fashion and overwhelming design.

To enhance even more your sinuous figure, we can make buckles for you in different materials and customizations: the choice is yours.


Fibbie in 3D –
Reticube technology ®

Through Reticube technology!. Technology,
we design and manufacture 3D fashion buckles and accessories.
Thanks to processing based on Laser sintering,
A unique and unusual design, tailored to you.


Our collections

Brass Buckles Basic Collection
brass buckles for man
Buckles for women
buckles 3D Reticube®
3D buttons
Customizable keychain
925 Silver Components
3D Heels

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Contact us for further information on our buckles, if you would like to customise your buckle with the logo of your company or to manufacture your buckle prototype according to your requirements.