Buckles for man in Solid Brass

The men’s buckles that we have in the collection are fundamental for the creation of classic, casual and elegant belts.
Each of our buckles has completely different designs, from the most sober to the most expensive:
our collection is vast and boasts more than 300 buckles designed in the last forty years.


Which buckle is right for you?

We have more than 300 buckles for men in Solid Brass: fill out the form at the bottom to request all the information you need about the man’ Solid Brass Buckles Collection. Our sales department will send you the images of the models according to specific requests.

Different models for different styles:

The style of our men’s buckles is diverse:

  • Classic
  • Sportsman
  • Casual
  • Posh
  • Trendy

What characterizes our men’s brass buckles is their particular shape and finish.
In fact, there are many processes that are carried out to make one of our buckles. We have:

Treatments in our Solid Brass men’s buckles

All buckles are made of hot-stamped solid brass and are pantograph finished, hand-polished and galvanized, with particular attention to the quality that distinguishes all Guimer products, strictly Made in Italy.


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Contact us for further information on the men’s brass buckles catalogue or to customise your buckle with the name or the logo of your company, as well as to create a completely customised buckle according to your drawings.

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