3D Sterling Silver Buckles

Everyone can produce 3D models, but our technology is different:
quality, quantity, production costs and endless design possibilities give life to 3D sterling silver buckles.

3D buckles follow a precise processing: 3D drawing, laser creation, grinding, cleaning and galvanic deposition.

On request, PVD coating is also performed.

Each step is strictly followed by our technicians to guarantee a quality that has remained unchanged over time.

3D Laser Made in Italy Technology for 3D sterling Silver Buckles

Today this technology has established itself in numerous sectors, but the wide vision we had years ago and keeping up with technological innovation have allowed us to increasingly refine our process, making it unique.

We have created added value, because we not only produce our buckles, always designing new models, but we can create any project that our clients have in mind.

We have thought about this over time and with a look always aimed at the international market, improving the development processes in the creation of buckles and all fashion accessories that can be created in 3D with laser processing.

A fundamental step is to provide our clients with 3D sterling silver buckles and high fashion accessories and be able to find the right way to achieve their production, creation or supply objectives.

Our Reticube® Laser technology can be summarized as follows: an innovative production process that is used to make buckles of any shape, with undercuts in an empty cage or with other structures.

Reticube® technology, patented by Guimer Srl, allows you to customize the 3D silver buckles available in the catalogue and to create completely new and original ones by presenting ideas, projects or drawings to our qualified designers.

The client can be actively involved in the phases of creation of 3D silver buckles, with the possibility of producing prototypes of the buckle with 3D printers to more accurately examine the finished product before final production.

Guimer Srl, ambassador of Made in Italy

We are proud to transmit from generation to generation the added value of Made in Italy.

The entire production chain of sterling silver buckles, from conception to final punching, that demonstrates the quality of silver, takes place at our company in Bologna.

For further information on models, prices and measurements, please fill in the form or book your video call to virtually visit our show-room by sending an e-mail to info@guimer.it indicating a contact person, a phone number and the company name.

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Contact us for further information on 3D sterling silver buckles, if you would like to customise your buckle with the logo of your company or to manufacture your buckle prototype according to your requirements.

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